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Gardenuity & Co.

Gardenuity is a start-up company based in Dallas that brings together the best products, people and technology. Not only do they offer exceptional gardening, food and fragrance products, but they are also the first social-selling company to specialize in gardening goods.

“Gardenuity & Co.” is the company’s online community┬áthat focuses on sharing the latest in gardening, cooking, work design, lifestyles and inspiration.

We designed and developed Gardenuity & Co. to coincide with the launch of the brand-new Gardenuity website. The objective was to make it stand-alone with its own identity, while maintaining strong ties to the mother-ship site. As you can see, this online destination is full of rich content as well as tasty-looking photography. Dig in!

  • Brand design
  • Art direction & digital design
  • Website development
  • Back-end development
  • Blog platform development
Gardenuity & Co.